Saturday, June 21, 2014

Biological Radio #20

Infinite Plastic Internal - Lexingtonian Transmissions

Fire music lives! Infinite Plastic Internal is the solo moniker of Bay Area percussionist Mark Pino, who, alongside fellow Renaissance freak Brian Lucas (whose painting graces the cover on this here album), creates joyful noise with free-rockers Mountain vs. Building and the most excellent Cloud Shepherd. Lexingtonian Transmissions is the follow-up to his recent self-released 7" and it is a revelatory stew of free-jazz percussion, alien electronics, and poetry. Musicians of India speak of pouring oneself into the sound, and Pino certainly exemplifies that here, navigating the terrain with the subtlety of the most devout traveler and the bombast of a well-seasoned punk. Outstanding.

Edition of 25 cassettes. Out of stock.

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