About Biological Radio

Biological Radio is the Pennsylvania-based home label of Matt and Jackie McDowell. Matt created the label in 2006 as a means to self-release music in limited quantities while maintaining artistic and quality control. Jackie started helping in 2009 and has since used her design skills to cultivate the current "look" of our releases. Since 2010, we've exclusively used recycled chipboard packaging from Stumptown Printers for our releases, all of which feature custom artwork and hand-stamped lettering. While we mainly release our own music on Biological Radio, we occasionally work with and release music for our artist friends, too. That said, we unfortunately don't accept demos because of the very limited scope of our wee label. You can, however, pick up any of our available releases by coming to a show or by checking our Discogs shop. We appreciate your support.

You can reach us by emailing radiobiologique@gmail.com