Matt McDowell Discography

Sagas - "Glass Epiphany" CS split w/ Metal Rouge (Discriminate Music)

Sun Cycles - Woods Creek Demos (Biological Radio)
Psychic Frost - Taking Lizard Mountain (Deep Water Acres)
Plankton Wat - Drifter's Temple (Thrill Jockey) -- guitar and lap steel on two tracks

Sun Cycles - "Siskiyou Holies" CS split w/ Mohawk Park (Biological Radio)
Sun Cycles - Home CS (Biological Radio)
Concessionaires - Artificial Interface LP (Under the Spire)
Sun Cycles / Inez Lightfoot (live) - split CS (Dumpster Diving Lab)
Sagas - Signal Refracted CS (Avant Archive)
Sagas - Arcane Pathways CS (Biological Radio)
Sagas - Sojourner's Lament CS (Lighten Up Sounds)
Sagas - The Eremite's Dream CS (Digitalis)

WaterFinder - Cultivating a Void CDR (Biological Radio)
Sagas - Permutations on the Infinite CS (Biological Radio)
Psychic Frost CDR (Deep Water Acres)
Sagas - Between Worlds LP (Greenup Industries)
Dire Wolves - The Creator Has A Faster Van CS (Sloow Tapes)
Dire Wolves - Bugface Looks Into The Eyes of God b/w Take Me Home (Diamond Father) CS (Silver Ghosts)
WaterFinder/Nite Lite split CS (Stunned Records)

Dire Wolves - Jams and the Giant Peace CS (Stunned Records)
WaterFinder/Dark-Urrru split CS (Peasant Magik)
Dire Wolves - Magickal Mayan Age of Musick CS (Dynamo Sound)

Sagas - Six Days on the Road CDR (Biological Radio)
Sagas - Headlong into the Heresy CS (Biological Radio)
WaterFinder - The Third Road CDR (Biological Radio)
Sagas - Root Structures and Private Dementias CS (Stunned Records)
Dire Wolves 2xCS (Secret Eye)
Meercaz CD/LP (Tic Tac Totally) -- drums on two tracks

Brave Priest - Precious Summers CS (Stunned Records)
Tecumseh - Avalanche and Inundation CD/LP (Important Records) -- gong on one track
Sagas/Plankton Wat split CDR (Biological Radio/Solar Commune)

Sagas CDR (Biological Radio)
Meercaz 7" (Point Wrex) -- drums on one track
Matt McDowell - Headling into the Fire 3" CD (NAFH)
Chaob CDR (Foxglove)
McDowell/Tamburo - At Bohemian Grove CDR (Ruralfaune)
McDowell/Tamburo - Are We Not Drawn Onward to New Era? CS (Sloow Tapes)
Theo Angell and The Tabernacle Hillside Singers - Live at Bottled Smoke CDR (Digitalis)

Dark Yoga s/t CDR (Yarnlazer)
Matt McDowell - Quantum Heresy CDR (Sharks & Pfennigs) 
Matt McDowell - Analog Dreams Vol. 2 CS (Biological Radio)
Melted Prism s/t CS (Biological Radio)
Mike Tamburo - Ghosts of Marumbey CD (Music Fellowship)
McDowell/Tamburo - God Will Fail John's Horn 3" CD (NAFH)
McDowell/Tamburo - Searching For Augie Leonard Sr. CD (NAFH)
Nüx - The Signal CD (NAFH)
McDowell/Tamburo - "The Uncontrollable Mr. Lechte" on Strands Formerly Braided 3way split CD (Music Fellowship)
Nüx - Analog Dreams Vol. 1 CS (Tagbanger Media)

McDowell/Fail - "The Louisiana Purchase" on John W Fail: The Frozen Musics 4xCS (Dronedisco)
Nüx - Indefinite Death Medleys tour CDR (Biological Radio)

Nüx - A Nüx Family Christmas CS (Biological Radio)
Arco Flute Foundation - Everything After Everything After the Bomb is Sci-Fi CD (Music Fellowship)

Arco Flute Foundation - Everything After the Bomb is Sci-Fi CD (Cenotaph Audio)

Arco Flute Foundation - "It's a Symbol Like the Word 'And'" on Go Down Fighting, Come Up Smiling comp CD (Mr Roboto)
Arco Flute Foundation - The Fifth Lesson in New Era Time: The Unconsciousness of Yukon Steve CDR (Dronedisco)

Arco Flute Foundation - The Third Lesson in New Era Time: Running Slow Motion Marathons with Purple Rejoice; Who Killed the Party House? CD (Cenotaph Audio)
Arco Flute Foundation - The Second Lesson in New Era Time: Exploring the Possibilites of New Wave Villains; And What of Boy? LP (Cenotaph Audio)