Wednesday, June 13, 2012

:: New I.L. tape out now on Dial Square ::

You can surely see it plainly, but I'll say it anyway: 
two live shows on tape thanks to Dial Square!
Cover photograph by Eden Hemming.
Released alongside a live cassette from Ajilvsga.
(DSQ 052 & 053)
Limited edition of 26 available now directly from the source.
Hear ye here ye.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Biological Radio #14

Mohawk Park / Sun Cycles 
"The Great Raft Race" b/w "Siskiyou Holies"

For our 14th release, we have a special split C36 between long-distance friends Mohawk Park and Sun Cycles. Mohawk Park is the duo of Brad Rose and Dylan Aycock. In addition to running Scissor Tail Tapes, Dylan's been killing it as Talk West (in particular, check out his release on No Kings if you can find one!). Mr. Rose's work probably needs no introduction to many of you. This is one of many collaborations between he and the Biological Radio team. From Concessionaires to doing Sagas artwork to his ever-growing list of releases for Inez Lightfoot, Brad has slowly become like a member of our extended family.

For this release, Mohawk Park turn in "The Great Raft Race", a lulling side-long cut that's reminiscent of soundtrack musicians smoking out and jamming to a John Hughes film. Or imagine "Chariots of Fire" drifting out of a broken speaker lost in the post-industrial rubble, with live drums creeping lethargically behind burbling synths, all captured with a nice live-room ambiance akin to Cabaret Voltaire's Pressure Company LP. Well done, boys.

The Sun Cycles side was recorded one night in an old packer's cabin high on a mountaintop in the Siskiyou National Forest. Acoustic guitar, vocals and dulcimer combine with the surrounding forest sounds and our crackling wood stove for "Siskiyou Holies", a set of clattering free-folk improvisations that are as much a celebration of life as they are a lament of the recent loss of a loved one.

Hand-packaged by Jackie in recycled paperboard boxes from Stumptown Printers with a custom front cover watercolor by Bay Area renaissance man Brian Lucas, these babies are limited to 30 copies. 

Available from Discriminate Music.
Digital format of the Sun Cycles side available here.