Monday, August 1, 2011

Biological Radio #11

Inez Lightfoot - Nature Songs
This otherworldly broadcast from Inez Lightfoot finds her soaring deep between the fibers of the fabric of being in elevated states of ecstasy. Field recordings, ghost-vocals and shimmering strings, amongst other things, transcendently coalesce into a beautiful, 49-minute lo-fi sound collage that is as terrifying as it is benevolent. Harnessing all of her powers like a true sonic sorceress, Inez wields the tools of her trade in a narcotic display of universal love energy.

Edition of 25 cassettes. First 16 copies are housed in handsewn vintage fabric pouches; remaining 9 copies are housed in traditional cassette cases with handmade blue j-cards. Original artwork on both versions by Myste French.

25 copies out of print

Biological Radio #10

Sagas - Permutations on the Infinite
Recorded live in March 2011, Permutations on the Infinite by Sagas is a powerful, twofold aural journey through both time and space, beginning on side A in Pittsburgh and ending on side B in Cincinnati. Although Matt McDowell's solo project usually employs a dynamic range of instrumentation, this pair of recordings is a rare and focused exploration of just one thing: a beat-up electric guitar. Permutations on the Infinite captures a moment with Sagas as he takes you by the hand and leads you on a three-quarter hour trip beginning deep within the ocean's lightless caverns, riding the tide up through the crashing waves, and ending beyond the mountaintops as you climb the thermal winds towards the burning sun. Pop this tape into your deck and prepare yourself for one epic journey.

25 copies out of print