Friday, May 24, 2013

:: New I.L. 2x Cassette Available! ::

Here they are, recently arrived from Dublin! A pair of cassettes with 40 minutes of new music from the home studio. Each multi-fold j-card includes many panels of beautiful nature photography by the talented duo at the helm of Northern Twilights, Ben and Anna. You've got to see this release in person to truly wrap your brain around how lovely their photos are. For more detailed information about the tunes on this release, please see my earlier post.
Inez Lightfoot Sleep By Day and Fly By Night
double cassette on Northern Twilights =
$12 (includes shipping to North America)
International folks: please visit Northern Twilights to order.

Monday, May 6, 2013

:: Sleep By Day / Fly By Night ::

Spring is here and so is Sleep By Day / Fly By Night by Inez Lightfoot, a new double release of four songs spread over two cassettes, one song per side. Bringing forty minutes of music specially composed to go hand in hand with a nature-themed experimental phototography collection by Ben North and Anna Kowalczyk, this is a multitracked album with lots of organ, steel-string acoustic guitar, mountain dulcimer, voice, electronics and some surprises tucked in there, too.
Recorded in early 2013 over the course of four days and nights by JM at home. Artwork by Ben North and Anna Kowalczyk. Order this special collaborative work now from Northern Twilights. Listen to side one here.