Saturday, August 28, 2010

"Word" on the "Street"

Okay, as usual it's been a while. First up is the fact that the Dire Wolves CS on Stunned dropped a couple of weeks ago and damn, does it look rad! Phil and Myste never disappoint. It's sold out at the source already, but I have a couple of copies here, so hit me up if you're interested.

Also, the website is now up for Greenup Industries, who, as previously mentioned, will be releasing the new Sagas album, Between Worlds, on vinyl record album this fall. The cover art is being handled by Mr. Brad Rose, head honcho of Foxy Digitalis. This release is gonna rule hard!

This fall will also bring about the long-awaited WaterFinder/Dark-Urrru split CS on Peasant Magik. WaterFinder, of course, is Jackie and I drifting between rickety sea shanties and full on free improv/noise/drone meltdowns. Dark-Urrru is a transcendental collaboration between some of our dear friends at Tank 28 in Portland, Maine... Colleen and Caleb from Big Blood and Shon 'Brother Oak' Mahoney. Stay tuned!