Wednesday, October 2, 2013

:: October Goings-On::

Hello friends and visitors; we have a few cool items of news to share with you as the leaves are falling.
First and foremost, Psychic Frost (the longtime collaboration of Matt McDowell + Mike Tamburo) has recently released a new album, Taking Lizard Mountain (By Frequency), on Pennsylvania's excellent Deep Water Acres. You can get one by contacting the label directly or by shooting an email to us at The artwork above is taken from the front cover (by JM).
Second, be sure to check out Plankton Wat's new LP, Drifter's Temple, a lovely album out now on Thrill Jockey that features a handful of guest musicians, including Matt on lap steel.
And last but not least, Jackie has also been recording and has finished a new collection of songs that is slated for release on vinyl down the road from Chicago's wonderful Hairy Spider Legs. Stay tuned for more info!