Tuesday, October 30, 2012

:: Nice Sagas Review! ::

Brand new (and quite lovely) Gloomfolk gave the new Sagas tape Sojourner's Lament a listen and penned some really thoughtful words about it:

Staggering on the edge of indecency, these three uniform sound mantras slip in between plucked cacophonies of tunneling noise and beautiful, delicately sloshed fingerpicked lines.

Distortion plays a healthy role in this collection of sounds, riding a line between muffled feedback and defined wails of intricate strings. The first track (all are untitled*) bleeds into a screaming haze of harsh electronics and plastered frequencies, making the comedown all that much more unbearable.

It’s said that noise music is highly metaphysical, its practitioners never truly concerning themselves with direction or balance. This, however, is usually why the blend of guitar acoustics and deafening electronic soundscapes work so well in conjunction, lending the other a hand where its organic structures may not flow so evenly. Track two is a heavenly slip into unseen plains with uncaring eyes and a mind to fit. Lounging lap steel is reverberated and bled into the background, providing a comfortable blanket between the lands of mellow ambiance and demonic winds. The track, while always retaining its soft, Southern glow, does at times find itself wrenching through bitter fields of sound.

The final sidelong track on the flipside grandfathers in elements of the A side, kicking off with an Eastern twist to spacial dismissal. Whispers of stretched electronics slide effortlessly in & around a quiet, distant rhythm of call & return flutes and bowls. Voices appear to be calling out through an immensity of widening nothingness, and one couldn’t be faulted for falling under the hypnotic charm. Obscure references to Walter Carlos’ Clockwork Orange rear their wondrous heads, found inside the mouths of frequency-based beasts and animalistic cries from unknown sources. The searing, psychedelic electronic guitar found throughout the second half of track one reappears to impart some newfound knowledge, recalling a sense of favouritism due to Ross Major‘s early 2012 LP Horatio Hymns. The familiar fiend crawls up & down nostalgic scales, never quite delivering the final blow, carrying with it a sense of endearing & frustrating suspense. Finally finding its footing, the guitar ascends to an elevated plateau, replete with distorted swells and hymnal rhythms.

Packaged in a blue/green forest collage, this cassette features a nice, thick glossy front side and cardstock back with album text printed in black. Limited to 50 handnumbered copies.

Released Septembre 27th 2012 by Lighten Up Sounds
Purchase from the label: Lighten Up Sounds
Stream in full from the artist’s Bandcamp: Biological Radio (*with track titles!)

Monday, October 29, 2012


Biological Radio loves to put out music.
But hey, our releases honestly wouldn't be possible if our family wasn't supported by a strong union job. You might even say that without the union, Biological Radio would have a tough time existing at all. We support unions, especially the BLET, and we think they do a lot of good for this country's tradesmen and tradeswomen and their families, including our own. There is only one presidential candidate this year who promises to protect union brothers and sisters. We want him to stick around.
So we're voting in this year's election, and we encourage you to, too!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

:: A Warm Wooks Welcome ::

The new (and very first) issue of Dublin-based Wooks music/art zine is out now and comes with a CD-R compilation insert that includes an unreleased Inez Lightfoot folk-drone number, "Communion at Dawn." If you're interested in supporting the Wooks family by gripping a copy of their excellent publication and accompanying tunes, visit Northern Twilights!