Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WaterFinder /// Dronography Mixtape

For those of you who enjoy deep drones (or even just a nice soundtrack to a good sunrise), we wanted to share this new digital sound compilation that is kindly being offered to anyone and everyone for free: Dronography Mixtape, curated by our colleague Zach in Pittsburgh. As he eloquently puts it, "(d)rones vary on this one: from airy ambient, to spaced-out U.F.O. signals, to turbulent earthquake-rumblings. Each hugs your auditory canals--especially with a giant pair of headphones--and soothes the soul." Artists include Balder, Buoyhood ft. Artie, D.S. Miller, Ground Zero Mosque, Hobo Cubes, RJ Myato, Ryan Emmett, SatyrElfheim, Tuonela, and WaterFinder.

Our contribution as WaterFinder is a short live piece called "Leagues" that includes Matt on lap steel and Jackie on electronics, tapes, and vocals.

Thanks for visiting! Autumn blessings...