Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011

Record Release Weekend

This weekend was special for many indeed. Not only did it provide the biggest full moon in decades as well as the spring equinox, it was also the Sagas Record Release Weekend in both Pittsburgh and Cincinnati, courtesy of the brand-new Greenup Industries record label run by our friend and fellow musician, the talented Mr. Pete Fosco. I tell you, it certainly was a grand celebration of music and friendship in honor of the anxiously-awaited Between Worlds LP by Sagas, also known as the founder of Biological Radio, Matt McDowell!

I'm an enthusiastic archivist of life events and also a sentimental fool, so here is a photo journey for you of the weekend's events. Matt or I will also be posting some live recordings from this weekend once they are ready, so check back!

*Congratulations, Sagas!*


The LP, front and back, with a sweet Greenup Industries sticker!

Pittsburgh show flier.

What's a party without some (cup)cake?

Inez opening the show at The Shop.

Rad flier by Pete for the show in Cincinnati - love the hidden Nada Brahma!

Wasteland Jazz Unit opening the show at Marburg Hotel.

Adam (from Fractal Fractal) played a lovely solo set with drum and vocals.

Pete Fosco's powerful set at Marburg Hotel.

Sagas bringing the house down!

My nerdy photo of the LP on the merch table. C'mon, it's exciting!

The century-old Marburg Hotel venue by night.

"Breakfast is the best meal of the day." YES!

The mother!

Last stop in Cincinnati, Shake It Records. We had an amazing weekend.

Thank you so much for everything, Pete & Heather!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sagas write-up in Pop City Media

From Pop City Media's 'Filter' on 3/16/11:

Underground Sounds: Sagas Record Release

MARCH 18, 8:30 P.M.

"Pittsburgh's underground and experimental music scenes seem to be enjoying an infusion of creative energies and outlets, from the recent Fantastic Voyagers and Winter Void festivals and the VIA new music and media project, to locally-run vinyl and cassette tape labels.

Helping to fuel this activity and providing an informal venue for local and national underground acts is multi-disciplinary events arts space The Shop, located in an reused industrial space that bridges the city's Bloomfield and Lawrenceville neighborhoods.

This Friday, March 18, fans of the more free-form variety of the current freak-folk explosion won't want to miss a special record release show with Sagas--the solo project of Pittsburgh-based musician Matt McDowell.

Known for his work with Dire Wolves, WaterFinder and Arco Flute Foundation, McDowell's latest LP,
Between Worlds, is out now on Greenup Industries, the new Cincinnati-based label headed up by experimental guitarist Pete Fosco.

Featuring artwork by
Foxy Digitalis maestro Brad Rose, the LP spotlights McDowell's interest in blurring boundaries between rural American musical traditions and repetitive improv-based Eastern sounds. Pairing interwoven melodies skillfully played on the oud, with feedback drones, chant-like vocals, and hypnotic loops, McDowell's latest offering is an impressive contribution to the current electric-folk movement.

Fans of Krautrock masters like Amon Düül II and Neu, or Seattle's inimitable Sun City Girls, won't want to miss Sagas' multimedia collaboration with with Oregon-based video artist, Andrew Ellis. McDowell, who has performed with Daniel Higgs and Eugene Chadbourne, recently released
Root Structures & Private Dementias on Portland's Stunned Records.

Also performing are Fosco, Brooklyn-based drum, bass and tuba ensemble
Dan Peck Trio, sound collage artist Inez Lightfoot, and experimental band Hunted Creatures."


Many thanks, Pop City Media. -BR