Friday, April 24, 2015

:: Spring Fever ::

Greetings! Spring is finally getting underway here in our little valley and it's time to come out of the Hobbit hole once again. If you're in the Pittsburgh area next Saturday, May 2, you can catch Sagas at Spirit in Lawrenceville opening for Mr. Steve Gunn along with Pittsburgh guitarist, Dhruva Krishna. Showtime is at 8:00. Get your tickets here. Should be a good one!

Our buddy and BR artist, Mark Pino of Infinite Plastic Internal, has a very in-depth and thoughtful review about Language of the Birds on his blog. Thanks, Mark! If you haven't heard it yet, copies are still available from Hairy Spider Legs.

That's it for now... Stay tuned for updates on some new Sagas recordings as well as a Sun Cycles live date or two. Happy planting!