Saturday, September 29, 2012

:: Sagas - "Sojourner's Lament" out now on Lighten Up ::


We're happy to share the news that Sojourner's Lament is available now at Lighten Up Sounds!
Wailing feedback morphs into delicate fingerpicking and sweeping tides of lap-steel shimmer. Sagas is the solo project of Matt McDowell (of Dire Wolves, WaterFinder). Lovely and real,"Sojourner's Lament" presents three focused improvisations for lap steel, guitar and electronics, each with its own respective sense of deep spacial awareness and an uneasy sense of doom hovering just beneath the surface. Lighten Up is proud to offer up these two new sessions for your personal deep listening and metaphysical mind travel. Clear shell cassette comes packaged with full color double sided J-card featuring original collage artwork by M.H. with matching full color labels in a clear Norelco case. Aqua-lung beauty for barren cornfields.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

:: Fall news ::

Summer is officially over, the huckleberries are in the freezer, and we're scrambling to get the garlic and onions in the ground. Most importantly, though: it's Steelers season! Just teasin'. Or are we? You never know around here. But seriously, folks... here's some good news we'd like to share on this crisp equinox:

// the excellent new Sagas album, Sojourner's Lament, is scheduled for cassette release this fall from the stellar Minnesota-based label Lighten Up Sounds — look for it!
// a nice-lookin' CD-R compilation in the September/October issue of Northern Twilights will include an unreleased Inez Lightfoot droner recorded this past spring
// Matt will be playing a live set at an experimental music micro-fest in St. Johns (Portland) in October... more details on that fine event coming soon
// the first Inez Lightfoot LP, Familiars, has been pushed back but is definitely still on the way from the hard-working folks at Digitalis, so keep an eye out!
// we're in the process of cleaning out the neglected Biological Radio storage box and will be having a sale of some older releases in October... so check back if interested!

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

:: HB, Matt! ::

Cheers to Matt on his birthday!
Thanks for making Biological Radio happen...
six years and running!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Biological Radio #16

Inez Lightfoot - Three Weaving at the Well

We're extremely proud to present this latest collection from Inez Lightfoot, who has turned in what may be her best album yet. Here she delves further into the more song-oriented territory hinted at on her excellent track from the Discriminate bonus cassingle, "Apogee and Perigee." Using a slew of stringed instruments along with chord organ, percussion, field recordings, and, of course, her voice, the ten songs she's cooked up here call to mind Flaming Tunes filtered through Appalachian folk music, but with her own dirgeful edge to them. Her mission statement is made clear from the get-go, leading the album off with "Black Dogs," where her dulcimer blinds you like a glint of sun reflected off an Elven blade. And that's just the beginning...

This c45 comes in an edition of 33, housed in recycled chipboard boxes with original artwork by JM.

Digital version available here.

Cassettes available from our fine distributor, Discriminate Music.   Out of stock.

Biological Radio #15

Sagas - Arcane Pathways

No better way to celebrate 33 years on this Earth than with this little ramshackle collection, which also happens to mark the 50th release that I've played on. We at Biological Radio couldn't be happier that it happened right here at home. Four tales of forlorn hope across 36 minutes, running the gamut from the desert blues-psych of "Sevcn Smokes" to the joyous incantations of "Banjo Tune for Don," the primitivist folk meanderings of "Breath and Soil" to the full on Kraut/psych heaviosity of "Beacons at the Confluence," featuring none other than the Foxfire Band (Ian Bonnet of Dire Wolves on bass and Jackie, aka Edie Shredgwick, on vocal wail).

This edition of 33 comes beautifully housed in recycled chipboard boxes from Stumptown Printers, with antique Antioch bookplates culled from the collection of my grandmother, to whom this album is dedicated.

Out of stock!

Digital version available here.