Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Biological Radio #15

Sagas - Arcane Pathways

No better way to celebrate 33 years on this Earth than with this little ramshackle collection, which also happens to mark the 50th release that I've played on. We at Biological Radio couldn't be happier that it happened right here at home. Four tales of forlorn hope across 36 minutes, running the gamut from the desert blues-psych of "Sevcn Smokes" to the joyous incantations of "Banjo Tune for Don," the primitivist folk meanderings of "Breath and Soil" to the full on Kraut/psych heaviosity of "Beacons at the Confluence," featuring none other than the Foxfire Band (Ian Bonnet of Dire Wolves on bass and Jackie, aka Edie Shredgwick, on vocal wail).

This edition of 33 comes beautifully housed in recycled chipboard boxes from Stumptown Printers, with antique Antioch bookplates culled from the collection of my grandmother, to whom this album is dedicated.

Out of stock!

Digital version available here.

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