Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Biological Radio #16

Inez Lightfoot - Three Weaving at the Well

We're extremely proud to present this latest collection from Inez Lightfoot, who has turned in what may be her best album yet. Here she delves further into the more song-oriented territory hinted at on her excellent track from the Discriminate bonus cassingle, "Apogee and Perigee." Using a slew of stringed instruments along with chord organ, percussion, field recordings, and, of course, her voice, the ten songs she's cooked up here call to mind Flaming Tunes filtered through Appalachian folk music, but with her own dirgeful edge to them. Her mission statement is made clear from the get-go, leading the album off with "Black Dogs," where her dulcimer blinds you like a glint of sun reflected off an Elven blade. And that's just the beginning...

This c45 comes in an edition of 33, housed in recycled chipboard boxes with original artwork by JM.

Digital version available here.

Cassettes available from our fine distributor, Discriminate Music.   Out of stock.

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