Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sagas Record Release!

Well, it's official. At long last, the 'Between Worlds' LP is just about ready to be released on Greenup Industries! We have a weekend of back-to-back awesome in store. Friday March 18th will be here in Pittsburgh at the Shop with label proprietor, Pete Fosco performing along with Dan Peck Trio from Brooklyn and two great Pittsburgh acts, our own Inez Lightfoot and Hunted Creatures. See Jax' rad flyer above. Should be a blast!

Saturday March 19th Sagas is playing in Cincinnati at the Marburg Collective, again with Mr. Fosco, Wasteland Jazz Unit, and Fractal Fractal. Really looking forward to this one as I haven't played in Cincy in years. If you're reading this and happen to live in either one of those cities, come check it out!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nite Lite / WaterFinder split cassette out now on Stunned!

Hey folks, we've got some super exciting news this week from Crickhollow, the home base of Biological Radio: our split cassette with kindred spirits Nite Lite has officially dropped on Stunned Records! Nite Lite is Phil & Myste from Stunned Records themselves; these two cats are really special and talented people who create beautiful aural synergy together, and we're honored to collaborate on this release with them. I'm going to share their write-up from their blog along with a photo of the mind-melting artwork for you to savor...

from http://stunnedrecords.blogspot.com/:

Nite Lite / WaterFinderMarjorie / The Good Heart c57 (Stunned no. 111)

"Phil & Myste return as Nite Lite along with backing bros Jeffry and William, and their offering ‘Marjorie’ is a year’s worth of free-jamming and field recording around the mountainside they call home. Migratory birds, frogs, parties in the park, synth & guitar trancin’, and riparian wildlife all coalesce in Nite Lite’s ever-evolving audio mosaic. Nite Lite is proud to partner on this split cassette with long-distance friends & free spirits WaterFinder, who’ve been delighting many recently with awesome releases on Peasant Magik and their own Biological Radio imprint. Members Jackie McDowell (Inez Lightfoot) & Matt McDowell (Sagas, Dire Wolves, etc.) explore a fascinating array of angles to folk, drone, homebuilt instrumentation, and nature-oriented sound in under a half-hour. Light a long stick of incense and likewise let your mind – and good heart – waft upward in a single vapor along with WaterFinder’s ritual songs. Limited edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c57 tapes w/ double-sided jcard and insert."

Sold out.

..:::Gratitude & Love to Nite Lite from WaterFinder:::..