Monday, August 1, 2011

Biological Radio #11

Inez Lightfoot - Nature Songs
This otherworldly broadcast from Inez Lightfoot finds her soaring deep between the fibers of the fabric of being in elevated states of ecstasy. Field recordings, ghost-vocals and shimmering strings, amongst other things, transcendently coalesce into a beautiful, 49-minute lo-fi sound collage that is as terrifying as it is benevolent. Harnessing all of her powers like a true sonic sorceress, Inez wields the tools of her trade in a narcotic display of universal love energy.

Edition of 25 cassettes. First 16 copies are housed in handsewn vintage fabric pouches; remaining 9 copies are housed in traditional cassette cases with handmade blue j-cards. Original artwork on both versions by Myste French.

25 copies out of print

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