Saturday, June 21, 2014

Biological Radio #19

Eyes Like Helicopter - The Shift Of It All

Scarred land bleeding sulphur into water. The dulled hues of a derelict boomtown eyed through the hazy lens of a broken bottle kaleidoscope. Iron detritus littering the landscape; ghosts of a lifestyle long-obsolete clinging nostalgically for dear life. The arms of a mighty river where love and despair have learned to coexist. There is a reverence understood by those who have tried to look away only to find themselves looking back, for between the wells the sun still rises and the birds still sing. Darren Myers' (Natura Nasa, In The Belly Of The Whale) debut release as Eyes Like Helicopter perfectly captures that reverence. Shambolic, somber, but never dark, this is a rustbelt narrative told piecemeal through silver strings and damaged electronics with the occasional distant vocal line seeping through the gauze.

Edition of 25 cassettes. Out of stock.

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