Thursday, May 3, 2012

:: Riverbottom Review ::

A nice review from Guide Me Little Tape:

"Not quite sure how a tape can sound so hazy and warm, and yet still be so clear and refreshing. Riverbottom Nightmare from Inez Lightfoot on Biological Radio continues in a line of recordings exploring what I perceive as nature, natural surroundings, and naturalistic emotion. Inez treads across mountains of melodic progression, brushed with subtle hints of varied instrumentation and an increased vocal presence. It all seems alive and breathing with a spontaneous unrehearsed quality. Sounds like waking up from a dream, standing at the edge of a lake, staring at your own reflection. "

Thank you to GMLT for their thoughtful listening!

Discriminate is sold out of this one, but you can get a digital copy
here (with a bonus track).

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