Tuesday, May 15, 2012

:: Good tidings on a waning crescent ::

Some upcoming releases that we're excited about...

// Sagas - Signal Refracted - cassette release of lap steel improv on Avant Archive
// Sun Cycles - Siskiyou Holies - cabin recordings on a limited edition split cassette tape with our Oklahoman comrades Mohawk Park right here on Biological Radio featuring custom artwork by the amazing Brian Lucas
// Inez Lightfoot - Live in Pittsburgh and Portland - two live shows coming out on tape thanks to newly-revived Dial Square Tapes
// Sagas - Arcane Pathways - limited edition cassette album featuring banjo, lap steel, and heavy psych guitar jams on Biological Radio with special cover art by MM hisself
// Inez Lightfoot - Familiars - full-length vinyl LP (!) coming from Digitalis this summer featuring cover artwork by friend and colleague Tate Hudson
. . .

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