Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer news: I.L. interview, Sagas tapes, comps...

This flamingo signifies summertime.

// I recently did an Inez Lightfoot interview with Russia's NISHA magazine about the forthcoming LP Familiars
// The Eremite's Dream, the next full-length Sagas release, is slated for upcoming cassette release on Digitalis
// Sun Cycles will be part of this year's Dronography digital comp with an unreleased track recorded recently at a live show
// And finally, two new compilations will include unreleased Inez Lightfoot tracks, one on the Shadow Colors and Maybe Insects comp on Watery Starve, and the other on a cd-r insert in the fall issue of the Dublin-based print 'zine Northern Twilights
. . .

Cheers and stay cool! As always, thanks for visiting.

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