Saturday, March 17, 2012

Biological Radio #13

Inez Lightfoot - Riverbottom Nightmare

The queen of mountain magic returns with what might be her most-powerful collection yet. Recorded at home over the last few months, Riverbottom Nightmare finds Inez in a highly-focused state, imaginatively tilling the forlorn landscape of underwater cities into fertile earth where the kelp forests thrive on their journey toward the sun. Wielding some new sounds, most notably mountain dulcimer and zither, she carefully crafts a fantasy world into which one can escape the trappings and pressures of our modern society, finding solace in the sound itself. Simply put, these six pieces are hauntingly beautiful and definitely not to be missed. Each tape comes housed in environmentally friendly boxes made from 100% recycled paperboard from local printworkers' collective, Stumptown Printers, with individual handmade artwork by I.L.

Edition of 25 copies

Available for download here.

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