Friday, January 29, 2010

The latest...

Alright, so now that the new year is settling in, I figured I should lay some updates on ya.

First up is the DIRE WOLVES mini-tour. For those that haven't heard about us yet, Dire Wolves is a blown-out improv psych unit in the Amon Duul II/Trad Gras Och Stenar/heavy cosmic groove vein of things. It consists of myself (Mr. McDowell), Ian Bonnett (Great Blue Heron), Jeffrey Alexander (Black Forest/Black Sea, Secret Eye, Iditarod, etc...), and Dan Letson (Forest Dweller). So far we've only played a handful of local shows with the likes of Marble Sheep, Black Pus, OvO, Subarachnoid Space, Plastic Crimewave, yada-yada-yada, so we're excited to take it on the road finally. Our double cassette is long gone, but expect a new cassette on Dynamo Sound and an LP on Last Visible Dog soon. Anyway, we have some East Coast dates coming up very soon.

Fri. 2/5 - Philly @ The Crooked Shoe w/ Kutschty Rye Ergot (ex-Kohoutek) & Lux Diffusion
Sat. 2/6 - Providence @ AS220 w/ Arcing, Alec K Redfearn & the Eyesores, Bellows, Hector 3...
Sun. 2/7 - Brooklyn @ Zebulon w/ Samara Lubelski/Pete Nolan & Marc Orleans/Steve Gunn
Wed. 2/10 - Pittsburgh @ MoGlo w/ Theo Angell (ex-Jackie-O-Motherfucker)

WaterFinder will be playing at Morning Glory in Pittsburgh as part of Mike Tamburo's Voyagers festival, March 6-7. Other acts include Mr. Tamburo himself, R. Keenan Lawler, Eric Carbonara, Enumclaw, and a crapload of others.

Sagas is currently working on an LP for Pete Fosco's new label, Greenup St. Industries. More on that soon.

Well, that's about it for now. Stay warm.


mike tamburo said...

the fest is on march 6 and 7 kiddo.

JAX said...

Hooray for this sweet update! Lots of stuff to look forward to.